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Susana was born in small town in Mexico on May 22, 1986. At a very young age, Susana demonstrated a keen eye for art through her use of color pencils, acrylics, and water color paint. She was discouraged to pursue this passion by professors due to her strict academic schedule, but Susana always found the time and place to entertain her eye through art, whether it was on a canvas, or in the back of her notebooks.
As a teenager, Susana’s unique talent became well-known throughout her town. She was often asked to paint murals for school events, or simply to line the chalkboards with her steady hand. In her first year as a high school student, Susana translated her love for paint into the art of make-up. Not only would she do her make-up to perfection, but she often practiced on her two sisters, and her friends. At the age of 17, Susana and her family moved to Fort Myers, Florida in search of brighter future. Although Susana had little knowledge of the English language, she found a way to communicate through her art, and in only a matter of months, Susana’s artistic talent became recognized by worldwide-known artists at local art shows. Three years after moving to Florida, her father lost his battle to cancer, which took an emotional toll on her life, but through hard work, Susana landed her dream job at MAC. As a make-up artist in the internationally recognized make-up company, Susana has had the opportunity to travel throughout the country for fashion shows, and many other MAC-related events.

Now, as an accomplished artist, Susana has established herself as a creative professional with an instinctive ability to bring out the unique beauty of each subject, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Her makeup style may range from clean simplicity to rogue bursts of unexpected color, but her exquisite precision and flawless technique are consistently dazzling. Nothing pleases her more than creating an incredible transformation while maintaining a subject’s natural beauty. Susana embraces every job with a fresh perspective, and a unique flair. She is a creative artist, a skilled professional and an extraordinarily hard worker who takes pride in all she does. Whether she’s working on a film set, a high fashion photo shoot, or a commercial advertisement, Susana brings a professional demeanor and a distinct sensitivity to the goals and objectives of every job.